National Account Program

An established network of national account service providers.

Program Overview:

The National Account Program keeps you in control of your driver's spending and repair authorizations. The program is designed to provide total preventive and corrective maintenance to your vehicles while controlling costs.

Every vehicle is assigned a preventive maintenance schedule and a National Account Card. Services are performed according to the maintenance schedule at one of the thousands of national account service facilities located nationwide. For unanticipated services or repairs that may arise, drivers are covered by the National Account Card. By utilizing this established network of national account service facilities, drivers are serviced quickly, conveniently and consistently.

This is a customer managed program, meaning, a designated representative at your company takes phone calls from a driver or service facility for authorization.


Upon arriving at a national account service facility, the technician will perform the services listed on the preventive maintenance schedule for the designated mileage interval. For unanticipated service or repair needs, the driver can use the National Account Card up to the predetermined spending limit. For services or repairs above the driver card limit, technicians at the service facility must call your representative listed on the back of the National Account Card for authorization. Upon approval, technicians can begin work to get your drivers back on the road as soon as possible.

Associated Programs:

Emergency Roadside Service (ERS) - Flat tires. Dead batteries. Mechanical problems. No matter why or where your drivers need help, trained Emergency Roadside Service specialists are available 24 hours a day, every day, year round.

Rental Program - A single phone call is all it takes for your driver to get a rental vehicle for any reason at specially negotiated rates. Network tracks the time a driver is in a rental vehicle, ensuring minimal downtime and saving your company unnecessary expenses.

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