Fuel Management Program

Save time while controlling costs.

Program Overview:

Are you tired of continually reimbursing your drivers for fuel expenditures? We offer an alternative to save you time and money. Our fuel program utilizes a nationally accepted fuel card which can be used at over 195,000 locations nationwide. Our program provides a cost efficient way to manage your company’s fuel needs.


Vehicles are issued a nationally accepted Fuel Card where the driver must enter a secure PIN or Driver ID and odometer reading when the card is used at the pump. The fuel purchase is authorized electronically. Card limits set by your parameters restrict driver spending.

Additionally, purchase information gathered is used to generate monthly fuel management and exception reports containing information on the location, date, time, driver name, odometer reading, number of gallons and cost per gallon of each transaction. It's an easy way to track and reduce items such as non-fuel purchases, premium fuel usage, multiple daily fill-ups,overfilling of tank capacity, etc.

Associated Programs:

Accident Reporting - Accident reporting specialists are available 24 hours a day, every day, year round - ready to record all the details to ensure fast and accurate handling of the claim.

Collision Repair - Through Network, you have access to the most experienced ASE and I-CAR certified technicians who ensure that your vehicles are repaired quickly, cost-effectively and properly.

Rental Program - A single phone call is all it takes for your driver to get a rental vehicle for any reason at specially negotiated rates. Network tracks the time a driver is in a rental vehicle, ensuring minimal downtime and saving your company unnecessary expenses.

Maintenance and Repair Management - This program provides scheduled maintenance programs for your vehicles and service tools, like preventive maintenance schedules, that outline which services need to be performed at certain mileage intervals. For unscheduled maintenance, such as tires and repairs, ASE certified technicians help you find the most convenient and trustworthy repair facilities. They work hard to ensure the right services are performed at the right price. Costs are controlled through consistent pricing and invoice auditing, not to mention reduced driver downtime.

National Account Program - The National Account Card allows you to choose the level of spending and authorization for your drivers. The program is designed to provide total preventative and corrective maintenance while controlling costs.

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