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The Ellis Brooks Advantage

What happens when I call for a quote?
We will first ask you a few questions about how you currently acquire and operate your fleet, what is working and what isn't, and what your goals and needs are going forward. And remember, your "fleet" can be just one or two vehicles, or many more.

Custom Lease Plans
Our leasing programs will create "vehicle replacement cycles" which should help eliminate major repair expenses and vehicle obsolescence. We consider your employees' driving patterns, vehicle requirements, and your image concerns when laying out a plan. As an option, we offer all of the manufacturers' extended-warranty programs for added protection during the lease term.

Saves Working Capital
Unlike purchasing, leasing allows you to conserve your cash and keeps your credit lines free for other needs.

Financial Flexibility
Unlike traditional financing, leasing does not require major down payments, and monthly payments are typically lower, making new vehicles more affordable.

Additionally, Ellis Brooks Leasing regularly works with newer and even start-up companies that may not qualify for traditional financing.

Tax Advantages
Current tax law tends to favor leasing over purchasing for many companies. Consult with a knowledgeable tax advisor for details regarding specific vehicle types.

Equipment Leasing
While our specialty is vehicles, we can also provide lease financing for certain types of commercial equipment. Call for details.

Please call 415-474-1100 for more information about vehicle leasing.

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